Label of Project Smart Age



In line with the main Idea, SMART-AGE endeavors to address various research questions, including: 

The methodology involves a complex intervention trial designed to assess various configurations of apps in two communities in Southwestern Germany (Heidelberg and Mannheim).

SMART-AGE App Set-up

Study Arms
Depending on the study arm, the paticipants receive...:

... in arm 1: the tablet and the four SMART-AGE apps smartVERNETZT, smartFEEDBACK, KOKU and smartIMPULS
... in arm 2: the tablet with standard apps and two SMART-AGE apps smartVERNETZT and smartFEEDBACK
... in arm 3: the tablet with standard apps (e.g. email program, calendar, calculator).

Home visits
Depending on the group assignment, the participants receive between three and five home visits spread over the year.

During these home visits, the participants are introduced to the technical operation of the tablet and the apps. On the other hand, they perform different cognitive as well as motor tasks and exercises.

In addition, the participants complete various questionnaires via their study tablet at the beginning of the study and after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Screening criteria

SMART-AGE participants …